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Mr. Vikram Shah, Proprietor of Venus Gems has been an integral part of the diamond industry for nearly 35 years. He first started out with diamond manufacturing in 1979, buying goods from Israel and Antwerp and producing polished stones for export to the USA and Europe.


It was sometime in the mid 90’s he noted that many customers are turning to clarity enhanced diamonds as a viable alternative to un-enhanced diamonds, allowing them to purchase a bigger and better quality diamond for a lower comparable price. Along with a couple of Israeli and Russian scientists, he entered into a Joint venture for the creation of a diamond processing center in Mumbai which will use latest technology to improve the clarity and color of diamonds.


Today Venus Gems is proud to service some of the best names in the diamond industry and with our relentless focus on quality and ensuring customer satisfaction we have maintained a considerable lead over smaller competitors. The hues and colors of the irradiated diamonds processed by us adorn rings and necklaces and bracelets produced by many big jewelers. We have the latest state of the art machines used for deep boiling , natts removal and feather (Jeeram) removal. And our continued emphasis on technology will provide the diamond market with the best diamond clarity enhancing processes for the years ahead.





Venus Gems first started with deep boiling and laser drilling for removal of natts from diamonds. Deep boiling involves using a mixture of very strong acids which try and reach internal dirt in the diamond via a tiny crack known as “open inclusion” and removes it. Laser drilling involves drilling a hole on the diamond surface to force out the inclusion; however this leaves behind a crack which is easily visible under a 10-power loupe. With the advent of better technology, laser drilling was stopped and a new process known as KM Drilling was adopted. KM drilling is a special laser treatment which does not make a hole but instead expands the inclusion such that it creates a small channel from the inclusion to the diamond surface, which will allow removing the inclusion via deep boiling.


We continued to march on to adopt technology for coloring diamonds. This involved irradiation of the diamonds followed by annealing. Irradiation involves exposing the diamond to high-energy particles in a nuclear reactor that alters the atomic structure of diamonds resulting in the diamond changing color from Off-white, LB and brown to a more appealing shade of blue, green, champagne yellow, orange and red. Earlier the irradiation machines were located in Kolkata, however due to the machines being old, the resultant color quality was not very saleable in the market. Today we process diamonds using the latest irradiation machines at their Gujarat center making them the only company in India to provide turnaround in less than 24 hours. Our company’s client list includes DTC sight holders as well as many of the biggest polished diamond houses having offices worldwide.

Venus Gems introduced to the industry a premium diamond fracture filling process. Diamond filling replaces the air that normally fills breaks in a diamond with a transparent substance that has a refractive index close to that of diamond. The intended result is a much less visible feather (Jeeram) that improves the overall appearance of the diamond to the unaided eye. Venus Gems uses the best high quality filling compounds imported from Germany, resulting in a superior quality and more durable fracture fill.



Today Venus Gems has entered into a JV with another jewelry retailer to manufacture and sell loose colored diamonds for use in making engagement and wedding rings as well as introduced its own jewelry line which uses our own irradiated colored diamonds to create stunning neckpieces , bracelets and earrings targeted for occasion and regular wear for the modern Indian woman. Our catalog for the same will be posted on the website very soon.




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